Privacy Policy

    If you need any additional information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.
    In this site, we attach great importance to the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information received and collected by the Arab Technical News Portal and how it is used.
    Log Files
    Like many other sites, the site uses  log files. The information we collect in these records includes the IP address, the browser type, the service provider, the date and time of use, the pages visited, and the links to analyze visitor behavior and patterns in order to understand and improve the site's service appropriately. All data is not linked to any personal information.
    We use temporary files (or cookies) to store information about visitors' preferences, record user-specific information to see their behavior on the site and the pages they visit, customize the content of the web page based on the visitor, browser type, or any other information that the visitor sends through their browser.
    Third parties
    Some third parties, such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, can use cookies to identify the user and customize the experience (such as ads) based on their preferences on those parties' sites.
    You may opt out of the use of cookies to identify yourself and customize the advertisements provided by Google to your preferences by visiting the following Google advertising site
    Third parties automatically take your Internet address (IP) when you visit our website. Other techniques such as cookies may also be used by third parties to find out how you use the site and your preferences, measure the effectiveness of their ads, or customize those ads to suit your interests.
    The site does not have any access or control over cookies used by third parties.
    For more information on third party practices and instructions on how to disable data usage by them, consult the privacy policy of the party concerned. The Privacy Policy of the Arab Technical News Portal does not apply to any third parties, and we can not monitor or control the activities of those parties with the information they collect about you.
    If you want to disable cookies, you can do so through your browser options. For more detailed information on managing cookies in your browser, see the browser's website.
    Log in via social networks
    When you log in to Source 7 News via a social network (to comment on the site) we collect some information about you such as your name, personal photo, your e-mail account ID and your website.
    Comment Policy
    When you leave any comment on the Source 7 News site, we collect some information about you from social networks or by asking you. We also obtain your personal photo through Gravatar using your e-mail.
    All information we collect, as well as the date and time of comment and the text of the comment, other than your email, are generally displayed on the Site and can be viewed or retained by anyone. We do not share any of your personal information with any third party. Your comment as stated above.