About Us

    Source 7 launched in January 2015 from its headquarters in Cairo as the first official source dedicated to covering Arabic news on both the Arab and international arenas, according to an ambitious vision to be the first source of news on the Internet for both the Arab media and the world's last user. Arabi.

    Source 7 News has been very well received by visitors who have been actively involved in the development of the site over the years since its launch. It has also been a reliable and reliable source by many Arab media, print, audio and video, which quoted the source site 7 studies and news that resonated in the technical circles, including: Al Arabiya Net, Maktoob News, Al Hayat, Middle East and World And some Arab radio stations in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. As the third source of news for the websites of the specialized forums on the Internet, the site of the source 7 became its third year, increasing its popularity and spread.

    Promoting Arabic content on the Internet
    Source 7 News has contributed to enriching Arabic content on the Internet since its launch, and has published many editorial materials that have received great interaction from visitors.

    Areas of coverage
    The site covers a number of key areas in the news sector, and contains multiple sections. The site also contains other technical hubs, specialized articles, special interviews, in addition to a full section devoted to covering the world news. The site also covers a number of events and specialized events on the Arab and international levels.

    Source 7 News Source is the first, reliable, and reliable source of news in the Arabic language for both the media and the last user in the Arab world.

    the mission
    The last user - the coverage of the news in Arabic on the Arab and global levels and providing the last user with a comprehensive electronic platform keep it up to date with the latest developments in a moment and in accordance with the highest professional standards.